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  • Moroccan Footsteps
  • Moroccan Footsteps

Trekking in Morocco

The High Atlas Mountain range contains some of the highest summits and most breathtaking views in North Africa.

While the Anti-Atlas Mountains offer amazing pink quartz climbs and beautiful scenery. Both can be a challenging as you wish.

Or your footsteps can lead you over the M’Gouna pass, the second highest summit. Follow the Valley of the Roses to a challenging 7 day trek to the Sahara.Hike through incredible valleys, climb breathtaking summits and pass through deep spectacular gorges.

If you desire a challenge, then Mount Toubkal (4167m) is Morocco‘s highest mountain. To reach the summit and experience the panoramic views of North Africa is a never to be forgotten moment on your Moroccan adventure. This trek will take you through the diverse Sahara landscape, through old villages and along mule tracks as you ascend to the snowline. Overnight stay at the Toubkal refuge and then on the next morning to the summit. The 360 degree view will be well worth the challenge.

These adventures are suggested for those in good health with recent day trekking experience and high altitude tolerance. The High Atlas and Anti Atlas exploration can also be accomplished to a large extent and different routes by car, so if these are the areas of Morocco where you would like to leave your footsteps, it can be arranged!

All of these treks are assisted by mules to carry your luggage and all supplies. You just carry your day pack. We use only experienced and registered mountain guides.

If you want to leave your footsteps in the snow of the highest point on North Africa, we can help you do it! Travel can be organized to and from Marrakech with additional excursions overnight to the desert highly recommended.

It will be our pleasure to organize for you, a trip that visits as many of these wonderful sites as possible in the time you have allowed. We can make your starting point in any city or we can pick you up directly from the airport and begin from there. All road travel will be done in air-conditioned 4×4 Land Rover type vehicles with room for up to 6 or by mini bus depending on your group size. Travel times and activities will be arranged based on your personal requests or needs.

Morocco Mountain Treks

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1st trekking : 7 Day Mountain Trek Sirwa Summit :

Day[1]: You will be met by your guide at the airport and transferred to your Riad ...

Day[2]: Marrakech Tamllakout (1650m) .

Day[3]: Tamllakout (1650m) Ait Tigga (1950m) .

Day[4]: Ait Tigga (1950m) Azib N-Mdist (2287m) .

Day[5]: Mdist (2287m) Summit of Sirwa (3305m) Iriri (2300m).

Day[6]: Iriri (2300m) Amassine (1730m) .

Day[7]: Marrakech Airport .

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2nd trekking : 7 Day M’Gouna Summit Trek :

Day[1]: Arrival.

Day[2]: Marrakech Azilal-Ait Bougumez AzibN'Ikkis.

Day[3]: Azib N’ Ikkis 2300m Tarkedit Pass 3400m Tarkedit 2900m.

Day[4]: Tarkedit plateau 2900m M'gouna Summit (4068 m) Return to the camp.

Day[5]: Tarkedit plateau SdremtPass(3250 m) IminIkkis .

Day[6]: IminIkkis (2100 m) Ait Hamza Ait Ali N' Itto Megdaz .

Day[7]: Megdaz-Fakhour-Demnat Marrakech .

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3rd trekking : 9 Day djebel saghro trek :

Day[1]: Arrival Marrakech .

Day[2]: Marrakech TiziN’TichkaPass (2262m) Ait Youl (1500m).

Day[3]: Ait Youl (1500 m) Tidkkit (1670m).

Day[4]: Tidkkit Tizi N’ TagmoutPass (1913 m) Assaka (1584m) .

Day[5]: Assaka (1584) Ighazoun (1250m).

Day[6]: Ighazoun Igli ( 2000m).

Day[7]: Igli (2000m) ImiN’Ouarg (1850).

Day[8]: ImiN”Ouarg Tagdilt (1650m).

Day[9]: Tagdilt Marrakech.

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