10 Reasons why travelling to Morocco in the middle of winter is a good idea!!!

Hello everyone, I am currently in the middle of Canada, it is snowing and -30 degrees today. The cold cuts under the edge of your coat, the wind creeps into your bones and the dry air either makes your nose run or dry up.  The snow needs shoveling……again!

Imagine the sun of North Africa, specifically Marrakech, warming your skin and your soul. The smell of spices and perfumes are in the air. The exotic and mysterious prayer calls echoing out from the many minarets of this ancient city……

Imagine walking along the beautiful beaches of Essaouira or Agadir or a comfortable walk along mountain trails. (Not too high, there is snow on the top of the Atlas Mountains also and we are trying to avoid that are we not!!?

Imagine the wonderful feeling as you sip your coffee or a glass of wine on the terrace of your Riad and look out towards the snow covered mountains whilst wearing only a t-shirt and shorts……

Imagine your neighbors and friends snow blowing as you walk the souks and markets and stop for a coffee in the main square…..

Imagine the scarf, hats, and gloves and down filled jackets everyone at home is wearing as you ride your camel into the dunes of the Sahara to watch a beautiful sunset instead of huddling into your seat on the overcrowded, overheated bus on your daily commute….

Imagine bargaining for spices or an incredible Berber carpet to take home to warm your floor or wall instead of freezing your finger tips off filling your car at the self-serve gas station…..

Imagine eating the exotic and flavorful tagine or subtly spices couscous prepared for you in the Berber tradition of slow cooking. Sipping delicious mint tea and fresh squeezed orange juice from oranges that were picked completely ripe just the day before instead of shipped half ripe and chemically preserved from a green house or southern climate…….

Imagine just relaxing in an ancient Kasbah, surrounded by palm groves, almond and apricot trees instead of walking through the drifts to force open the mailbox that has frozen shut…..

Imagine the experience of this beautiful, ancient, welcoming country that has direct flights from all over the world, every day, is very inexpensive to see once you arrive and will call you back over and over as you will never tire of its appeal. Imagine your incredible stay in Morocco……

See you soon!!!

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