92 Cities around the world with non-stop flights to Casablanca !

There are so many ways to get to Morocco that it is surprising everyone has not been here already !
There are 16 International airports covering all corners of the country with scheduled service on commercial airlines.

There are 47 cities throughout Europe with non-stop flights to Marrakech and 92 cities around the world with non-stop flights to Casablanca.
Morocco tourism is at an all-time high and exchange rates make travelling in Morocco, excursions and tours one of the best values around.
With daily flights from all the major hubs in Europe and several North American origins, trips to Morocco are easy and economical. This makes planning your itinerary a snap! You do not have to wait for weekend overbooked flights to take advantage of the sunshine, hospitality and amazing culture of this beautiful country.
It can be arraigned to pick you from one city and finish your tour in another to avoid covering the same route and to maximize your time here. Airport drop offs and pick-ups can easily be added to your trip to make your experience hassle free! Just let us know where and when☺.
The major airports such as Casablanca, Marrakech and Rabat have all the usual services available, gift shops, restaurants and currency exchange. The smaller airports are less equipped but your guide can get you what you need easily enough, just ask☺.
There are more and more flights being made available as the demand to visit increases, I hope that you will plan your next trip and plan to travel in Morocco !

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