Honeymooning in Morocco

Voted one of the 10 best Honeymoon locations for 2014 by Lonely Planet

If you and your new spouse want to just lie beside a pool or on a beach for the extent of your trip then this is perhaps not the place for you.  There is so much to do and see in this romantic and beautiful country that you will not want to spend all of your time in your room.;-) Though if you do there are many romantic and affordable resorts to be found here.

Hands-down one of the most romantic cities on earth, Marrakech is redolent with Arabian spices and rose petals, lit by lanterns and soundtracked by Gwana music. The medina is virtually impossible to navigate, so it’s best to accept getting lost as part of the experience, stopping for mint tea or strong coffee, bargaining in the souqs and watching snake charmers and dancers in Jemaa al Fna, the central square.

The choice of Riads and hotels in this city can fit any budget and level of luxury you are both looking for.

Activities for two include surfing or kite sailing the beaches of Essouira, strolling through the markets of Marrakech looking for souvenirs or a special purchase for your new home to remind you of your trip.

Camel trekking into the desert for an overnight by the campfire or in your Berber tent is an unforgettable experience you will both remember for years. Many couples have actually gotten engaged at the top of the dunes under the light of a million stars.

Climb to the top of the Toubkal summit, the highest in North Africa, for a breathtaking panoramic view or off road in the Dades valley, passing kasbahs, palmeries and scenic gorges as you visit numerous Berber villages.

This country will charm and enthrall you with its spices, perfumes, carpets and lamps. The music of Arabian nights and sun drenched days will weave a romantic spell that will call you back time and again for anniversaries in the future.

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